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Keynote HQ site  

Keynote HQ
The Keynote HQ site includes an area for selling digital downloads, a very active forum, and news on the front page. Includes a content management system to enable quick updates to the web pages.

(A Taylor Design Website)


Churr Software
A clean website design for selling software. This design includes methods for software purchases, online support forums, FAQs, and everything needed for a successful software site.

(A Taylor Design Website)

AJs Grille site   AJ's Seafood Grille
A fun web site for seafood restaurant. This site includes a content management system, a newsletter management systems, online menus, and other cool features.

"Just wanted to let you know that we received a round of applause and much acclaim last night for the great looking web site. The state chairman was there, he had been to the site and thought it was terrific. He agreed with me that it will pay dividends for elections to come."
-- JT, Madison County Republican Party
This site includes an automated calendar, content management system, and an e-mail newsletter. This site is similar to, but is for Madison County, Mississippi.

This page is pretty simple in terms of graphic design and layout. However, the Suppressed News site is deep in content. I installed customized PERL scripts to allow four different writers to upload news articles in multiple categories without requiring any knowledge of HTML. You won't see what happens behind the scenes, but the scripts take care of article placement, archives, and authors pages--all automatically.


  Original Design

This site emphasizes interactivity and news. I included a PERL scripted calendar where members may add their own events and club meetings. This site also includes member e-mail accounts and message boards.




Featured in Campaigns & Elections Magazine

New Design

This site was updated to include a new calendar that automatically removes old events. It also include a content management system for posting all of the news events.


The Teledyne Brown Engineering Booster Club
This internal website has only a little content at any one time. Yet, I made it look pretty decent with the use of photographs and graphics. Inlcudes scripted forms for membership signup and employee charity requests.

(Note: This page is an intranet page and is unavailable.)

This fraternity website includes a message board, e-mail newsletter manager, a members only section, t-shirt and coffee mug designs, and much more.